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Sep 26, 2012 2:00pm EDT
in doubt, g to that. "wall street journal" writes that mr. romney would do better foed errors than less on the fourth estate's political bias. is romney looking do you think though for any excusnow to explain why he's down in this atrysn talking oc about and the fact that that should be a strong suit and winning on that? >> igt. well, i mean, look. everyone knows that predominant amount of the mediaill vote i mean, t been pretty much proven by every poll and statistic out there. >> what was that? >> white house press corpse votes democratic. most of the white house press rps votesmocric 'shi new. don't whine an it. you know the battlefield you're entering in to. what you have got to go is shift the bat toll the ground you want to battle upon and focus on the economy, focus on the failures of this president and as mentioned before t self flicd wod t ttt bad for mitt romney because it undergirds the stereotype. he needs to shift focus to the already there stereotype of barack obama. he's a nice guy but way over his head. you want a beer with him, that's fine. but if you don't hav abejob y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)